node js How to deploy backend and frontend projects if they are separate?

After that every time you save a file, formatting should happen automatically. Set Prettier as the default formatterIf you want to auto-format your files on Save, you need to change a setting. It also adds parentheses to improve code readability, makes sure you are consistent with quotation marks, and many more. If you haven’t checked out the State of JS surveys before, I highly recommend that you do.

Is node JS backend or frontend

The same goes with any saved in a playlist you created or marked as favorites that you would like to revisit. You would need to enter your email address and password in a user input field. The back-end is responsible for receiving requests from a client.

Also, if there’s a chat application, Node JS is quite efficient at handling heavy traffic and data flow as the web socket helps in handling message flow in the chat room. However, Node JS provides excellent support and updates data instantly by providing an event socket and API. Real-Time Applications are products that can be used on an almost daily basis or in everyday life. It includes collaborative services, project management tools, and video and audio conferencing programs. Setup a remote team of highly productive developers with GraffersID. Speed up your development with domain expert developers.

Building a Payroll System with Next.js

It is primarily concerned with bi-directional real-time connectivity. Reconnection, binary, and multiplexing are also supported. Some jobs are still difficult to accomplish with Node.js, so various frameworks have been created to help. Laravel – Laravel is a web application framework for PHP and is robust. The feature which makes it perfect is reusing the components of different frameworks for creating a web application. Some other libraries and frameworks are Semantic-UI, Foundation, Materialize, Backbone.js, Ember.js, etc.

The key here is that in your JavaScript file you import Three.js with the import statement. In the past developers were using a CDN to add libraries. You might import a library by having a script tag in your HTML pointing to a URL. Open the Node.js Developer job terminal and make sure you are in the folder where your project is. If you are using VS Code you can use the built-in terminal that will automatically start in the right folder. Now that we have Node installed we can install a bundler.

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Java vs. JavaScript: 4 Key Comparisons.

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Each side needs to communicate and operate effectively with the other as a single unit to improve the website’s functionality. In this article, we’ve covered quite a lot, starting off with why you should use a framework, types of frameworks, and some statistics regarding different frameworks. We then went over the five most popular frameworks, including Express, Koa,, Fastify, and NestJS. Hopefully, this article gave you a better idea of how each frameworks differs. As always, the right choice will depend on your unique project. NestJS provides a powerful CLI to boost productivity and ease the development process.


Simplilearn also offers free online skill-up courses in several domains, from data science and business analytics to software development, AI, and machine learning. You can take up any of these courses to upgrade your skills and advance your career. Meteor.js – This enables real-time functionality, dynamic imports, front-end-back-end connectivity, and API protection. – Its user-friendliness makes it simple to utilise across a variety of platforms.

  • Refactoring becomes easier, seperation of concerns is more clearly defined and domain boundaries are more clearly defined.
  • Backend developers create systems that secure every user’s data – especially when dealing with payment processing systems.
  • Let’s say you copy-pasted something from Stack Overflow and it’s hard to read.
  • This is kind of based on django file structure which i have found easier to test and update.
  • While writing Express code, you might run into callback hell or pyramid of doom.

This in the smallest possible way is what commonly known as microservice architecture. Development dependency means ESlint is not part of your website’s source code, but the tooling requires it. In this case, the ESLint extension requires that the ESlint package is installed to your project. If you don’t already have a package.json file then first you have to run npm init —yes to initialize your project. Now that we have Node installed, and we had a sneak preview of npm, let’s see how can we add libraries to our project. To install Parcel you need to run a command in your terminal.


The flexible and efficient nature of Node.js lends itself to building small, fast, and scalable applications. Real-time applications like instant messaging and collaboration tools are one example of this. This, coupled with the fast synchronization abilities of Node.js also make it useful for event-based applications. Examples of these include applications that use WebSockets and WebRTC. Like Node.js, the Deno runtime executes code in its own application. However, Deno programs are more secure in that the runtime executes within a sandbox, isolated from the underlying file system.

Is node JS backend or frontend

Node.js is a popular choice for backend development due to its scalability, speed, and flexibility. It is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to build powerful and efficient web applications quickly and easily. Node.js can be used for both server-side scripting as well as for client-side scripting, making it an ideal choice for developers looking to create dynamic web applications. Node.js utilizes the non-blocking I/O model which makes it more efficient than other languages while also drastically reducing the amount of code needed to be written. Additionally, its event loop-based architecture makes it incredibly fast, allowing developers to create faster web applications with less effort.

Back End Languages

Since Node.js uses non-blocking IO, a significant reduction in the number of threads required for handling IO requests is possible. Having looked at the various applications that seamlessly integrate and enhances our web experience, let’s consider the applications that Node.js was initially built for. There is a massive number of libraries built for Node.js. The idea of using Node.js for frontend is a natural extension of the various features that it provides. Let us understand why the use of Node.js enhances the developer experience.

Setting it up requires a few more steps than installing an extension. After these warnings, it’s easy to spot that you made a typo. ESLint is of course much more complex than just catching this simple error. There are also less obvious ones where you might not understand first why does it complain.

Is node JS backend or frontend

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You can also use NodeJS for monitoring and tracking dashboards that show data in real-time. With the easability of NodeJS, you can easily create dashboards to keep track of visitors to the website, and their interactions, and gather the statistics for it. The use of NodeJS is quite beneficial in streaming applications such as Netflix.

This community, which is active and engaged when it comes to the popular runtime and its packages, is heavily utilized by Node.js. NestJS provides an option to build microservice-based applications out of the box. When you spin up a NestJS server, it comes with a clear architecture based on a few simple components, like controllers, modules, and providers. This makes it easy to split applications into microservices.

Refer to the section on API/Templating to choose you’re preferred method. Hope you’ll have a good understanding on how to work your application. You actually don’t need a backend and develop an API to show the sorted data. And usually the backend is required for the websites which handles authentication, authorization, protected data etc like an e-commerce. Check out my video on YouTube where we go through the steps we did before and a quick example project with React and Vue.js.

As a hobby I have by myself tried to learn frontend so I started with Vue, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. In school we usually run our code in terminal , for example we did a bubblesort algorithm and then we provide some user input and then call bubblesort to sort the input. The thing is when I write a program in backend and I want to make a website to it, how can I connect my backend to my frontend? When he/she clicks it, my backend bubblesort function should be called and so on. I have searched on google but all I can find is other websites providing services to make websites, I want to program from scratch both backend and frontend and connect them together. If yes, does every language has its own way or is there a common way?